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Vocational Education and Training

As VET Strategists, WPAA provides the following services:

Action Research, Analysis and Change Management

WPAA has extensive experience in undertaking research and analysis including:

  • Business case and survey development
  • Funding and grant application writing and review
  • Statistical data, skills profiles and qualitative evidence
  • Engagement and stakeholder management
  • Scenario and workforce planning
  • Strategy and policy issues in VET, employment participation, workforce planning and development, National, State and Territory directions
  • Recommendations and advice to inform decision making, policy making, program design, and action plans.

Business Analysis and Program Design

WPAA measures the inputs and outputs of your VET products and services – including qualifications, short courses, skills recognition and fee for service/commercial activity in order to identify the true costs and outcomes.  Analysing and identifying key areas for improvement, efficiency and opportunities in a contestable VET funding market, the VET insight service provides intelligence with practical recommendations.

Use the VET Business Analysis Tool to understand the viability of different courses, programs and qualifications.

Facilitation and Professional Development

Our expert team of facilitators are able to draw upon a body of research, knowledge and international experience with an in-depth understanding of the VET Workforce Skills required.  Presenting at conferences and professional development days, running workshops and webinars, facilitating networks, communities of practice, focus groups and strategic planning activities, feedback is consistently great.

The professional development topics focus on policy and reform in VET, the VET system, effective partnerships with industry, assessment validation and moderation, funding, leadership, skills recognition (RPL), engaging with employers and industry, on the job and workplace delivery and assessment, rapid product development, business development, pitching, marketing and entrepreneurship via VET HACK.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) models and resources

WPAA effectively facilitates skills recognition for clients, groups, organisations and projects, tailored to individual specific needs and requirements.  For many organisations and training providers (including State and Territory Governments and the Council of Australian Government), Workforce BluePrint has facilitated professional development workshops aimed at promoting RPL good practice.

Managing Director, Wendy Perry has authored and presented numerous papers on RPL, testing ideas and concepts in relation to RPL readiness, motivators and how RPL supports individuals and workforce development.

Get some help with your RPL kits, documentation and resources.

Reform, policy and funding advice – VET Insight Service and RTO Strategic Review

A wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon to support VET leaders with strategic planning in light of reform, policy and funding analysis, program design, marketing, people management, networking and relationship management.

Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) International

WPAA provides products and services in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) for international clients and projects including:

  • Conference key notes and presentations
  • Curriculum research, development and evaluation – design, development and provision of education and training curriculum and learning materials; development of high quality competency based curricula to meet the needs of industry and the community; quantitative and qualitative program evaluation.
  • Educational strategies and frameworks – planning, design and coordination of the development of Vocational Education and Training delivery models in line with government, industry and community priorities; training needs analysis, strategic planning and advice to institutes, national industry skills councils and government agencies.
  • Product development – capability frameworks and training needs analysis; provision of workplace assessment and training.
  • Advisory and consultancy services – professional development, short course programs, study tours and fellowships.
  • Analysis of training needs – provision of short courses and custom designed training programs aligned with international best practice TVET delivery.
  • Delegation hosting and tours of Australian best practice in action.


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